Find our Paint-a-Piece Studio on the floor at Cream House Cafe. Our Pre-made pieces are a creative addition to your meal. With a step-by-step, help yourself guide, it’s really easy and accessible to enjoy a soothing and relaxing craft during Cafe hours. All pieces have been bisque fired once and are ready for their glaze color. Paint, create and bring your chosen piece to life. We’ll then take extra care of it and have it fired and ready for collection in 3 weeks time. 

Paint Studio is Opened During Cafe Hours

Monday: 8:30am- 3pm

Tuesday 8:30am- 3pm

Wednesday 8:30am- 5pm

Thursday 8:30am- 5pm

Friday 8:30am- 5pm

Saturday: 8:30am- 8pm

Sunday: 8:30am- 8pm

Want to dive further into the wonderful world of Pottery?

Join us for a Hand-building or Wheel Throwing class where you can CREATE a piece from mud.