Experience a range of unique, playful and inclusive Pottery Classes in Brisbane, catering to all experience levels.

Upcoming Classes

Mud 2 Mug and More Studio
Fri, 24 May, 10:00 AM
What you'll do Discover the joy of hand building clay in our exciting workshop – a must-attend activity for anyone…
confirmation_number $70.00
Mud 2 Mug and More Studio
Fri, 24 May, 01:00 PM
What you'll do Be immersed in some messy, muddy fun by throwing a ball of clay on a pottery wheel.…
confirmation_number $125.00
Mud 2 Mug and More Studio
Fri, 24 May, 05:00 PM
What you'll do Celebrate Mum this Mothers Day with a unique and creative experience! Create memories and discover the mindful…
confirmation_number $20.00

Class Calendar

See what Pottery classes and events are on at the Mud2Mug Studio.

Mud 2 Mug Pottery Classes

Hand building classes

Hand-Building Classes

With 3 main, basic techniques, hand-building with clay is an efficient way to learn how to work with clay, while also being able to make a stunning piece with ease. Once you have the skills, it’s easy to let your creativity be unleashed!

An excellent introduction to working with clay.

Wheel-Throwing Classes

Explore the enjoyable challenge of Wheel-Throwing classes!

These hands-on sessions provide expert guidance for mastering the technique.

With six wheels in our studio, you’ll quickly immerse yourself in the creative process, crafting impressive pottery pieces in no time.

Suitable for ages 13+.

Wheel throwing classes
Paint a piece class

Pottery Paint Classes

Choose a ceramic piece to paint and watch your stress and worries ease away. 

Our Pottery Painting Classes provide a relaxing environment for you to unleashing your inner artist with ease. 

Quick Look Inside The Studio

Our classes offer a unique, inclusive and enjoyable experience, crafting meaningful connection through clay.

Looking for something a little more private?

Book us for your next celebration, date night or special event at our studio.
A group of people with kids along the table painting pottery items