The place for both beginner potters as well as experienced potters wanting to develop their skills. With a range of classes on offer, Mud 2 Mug and More create a totally unique and playful experience for ALL. Explore hand-building or have a spin at the wheel. You’ll be looked after.

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Hand-building classes are a great introduction into the wonderful world of Pottery!

With 3 main, basic techniques, hand-building with clay is an efficient way to learn how to work with the clay, while also being able to make a stunning piece with ease.

Mud 2 Mug and More provide a huge array of hand-building classes, including our signature Make-a-Mug Class where we celebrate the many different ways we can create through the skills of hand-building while crafting a variety of mug vessels. All hand-building classes are suitable for ages 8+ and we can sit 8 people per class.

Simply click below to purchase your class. You will then be sent to the calendar booking link to choose the day that works for you. Alternatively, use the contact form page to enquire about making a private group booking for you and your friends.


A more technical skill and much more fun!!

Wheel-throwing takes a little bit more skill and practice to master. During our introduction into wheel throwing classes, we provide hands-on instructions to help guide you through ever step of the way.

With each Wheely Good Wheel Throwing class (see what I did there! HA), you’ll receive a demonstration on how to use the wheels, and guidance through your own creation process as you learn how to feel and work with the clay while it spins on the wheel.

Soon, you’ll be completely immersed in the whole experience. Time flies by and before you know it, you’ll have created some amazing pieces on the way.

These classes are suitable for ages 13+. We have a total of 4 wheels in our studio space and can cater to individuals or groups. If you do wish to make a group booking, please use the Contact page to send your details through and we can absolutely make that happen for you.